Reblocking Middle Camberwell

Best Reblocking Services in Middle Camberwell

How strong is the foundation of your house? Is your foundation based on concrete stumps or wooden stumps? No matter, what kind of foundation you have, it would start cracking eventually and make your house vulnerable. This is the reason why you should hire reblocking services to keep your house strong.

Reblocking Middle Camberwell
Reblocking Middle Camberwell

Five Star Underpinning is a leading reblocking company in Middle Camberwell. We help you replace the old stumps with the new ones and add years to the life of your house.

Before we delve deeper into our reblocking services, let’s have a quick look on what reblocking actually is?

What is Reblocking?

Re-blocking refers to the process of placing jacks to support the floor as the damaged foundation is removed and replaced or repaired. After the cracked stumps are removed from the base, new stumps are used for the foundation. Sometimes, the process of reblocking leads to minor cracks in the walls and the floor of your house. These cracks are fixed afterward by the reblocking experts in Middle Camberwell once the stumping is done.

Foundation of a house is the most important part which ensures the safety and longevity of your house. It is thus necessary to understand the importance of reblocking because by avoiding this you are risking the well-being of your family members along with yours.

Why Your House Needs ReBlocking?

If you pay enough attention to the reblocking needs of your house earlier, then an individual stump replacement might do the job. But if you leave the stumps to deteriorate, then more extensive work is needed for the future along with a heavy investment in the process.

House Needs Reblocking in Middle Camberwell
House Needs Reblocking in Middle Camberwell

More damaged stumps are replaced and less damaged stumps are repaired by the contractors to make the foundation strong again. Degenerated stumps expose your house to various kinds of risks and the home does not remain the safest place anymore. Degeneration includes the deterioration of stumps, cracks in the concrete walls, foundation, and the likes. Contractors present the solid design and leveling plans to make your house free from any sign of weak foundation.

When is the Right Time to Reblock?

Reblocking is the process which involves the removal of the old wooden stumps beneath the building and replacing them with new concrete stumps. But how do you know when is the right time to reblock?

  • Well, there are numerous signs which indicate the need of the replacement of the foundation stumps. If your home is lying on the top of the red gum stumps, then there is a need to get them replaced by new concrete stumps. This is most commonly spotted in homes made up of solid bricks, weatherboard, and the likes. Here are some of the major indications which point out the immediate need of replacing the stumps: –
  • One of the most common and visible indications that you can see in a house which needs to be reblocked is the cracked plaster walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • When the windows and the doors of a house do not shut properly and they remain uncoordinated, then it is time for you to hire reblocking contractors like us.
  • When the floor of your house is not leveled, if they are noisy and if your home is sloping to one side, then the foundation stumps of your house are deteriorated, and they need to be replaced.
  • Old stumps start to rot due to the damping conditions and this could start termite infestation, or the stumps start to sink if they are not set to a solid base.
    Reblocking Services Middle Camberwell
    Reblocking Services Middle Camberwell

Even if your house is placed on solid stumps or concrete stumps, then also you might notice the reblocking signs which are mentioned above. But that does not mean that you have to replace all the stumps of your foundation. Sometimes, you can prevent the foundation from cracking further by replacing some of the stumps. Sometimes, simple leveling of the floors can also do the trick. The type of treatment needed depends on the severity of the damage that has been caused to the foundation stumps.

Our Reblocking Process

Five Star Underpinning understands the importance of reblocking. Our reblocking experts make sure that you are fully insured. We come with years of experience in reblocking, and can effectively guide you through the process.

  1. Inspection

    Our reblocking experts visit the site and find out that what actually needs to be done. A detailed investigation is carried out to know if all the stumps need to be replaced or not if the stumps need to be of existing height or higher, and the likes. Then the house owner is informed about the plans and the requirements of the foundation.

  1. Preparation

    Your house is prepared by the experts for raising and leveling and this might involve the disconnection of certain services.

  1. Leveling

    In the third step of the process of reblocking, the house is jacked up and leveling is done.

    House Levelling Service Middle Camberwell
    House Levelling Service Middle Camberwell
  1. Removal

    In the fourth step, new stump holes are made and old stumps are removed. After the new stumps are set, the house will be set on the new stumps. Even if the floor needs any replacement, then the required treatment is given to it.

    If your house is close to the ground then the reblocking process can be expensive, as the floorboards are needed to be lifted as well. Although we guarantee certain services along with our re- blocking package, they are:

  • Leveling of the floor is guaranteed.
  • Removal of old stumps and waste from your property.
  • We also include reinstatement of doors and windows to open in good condition.

Why Hire Our Reblocking Services?

It is always important to know about the work experience of the contractors if you are putting the future of your very own house in their hands. Our reblocking experts are not only experienced but they know how to execute and satisfy the customers. Our guaranteed services and affordable cost makes us the best name in this field.

Here are a few other reasons why you should hire Five Star Underpinning:

Reblocking Middle Camberwell
Reblocking Middle Camberwell
  • We’re HIA registered reblocking company in Middle Camberwell.
  • We help you get all the permits and provide our reblocking services throughout Middle Camberwell
  • We provide you best assistance with engineering certification
  • We use the best steel or concrete stumps
  • We come with years of experience
  • We provide initial inspection and assure to provide quality services

Add years to your house by hiring our reblocking services today!

Reblocking Middle Camberwell

When the stumps of a building are to be replaced with new ones then the process involved is called reblocking or restumping. It is very much similar to underpinning but the main difference is that new stumps are used in place of damaged ones.

If the stumps of your building become damaged then this may cause structural damage. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to get professionals to do restumping. At Five Star Restumping we use concrete pump for reblocking and this helps us is completing the job in a lesser time frame.

Location: Middle Camberwell, VIC Australia

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