Have Cracked Walls In Your Home? Know When To Worry!

The cracked walls in our home and store is a valid reason for panic, it not only ruins the glamour of a building, but it compromises with the structural integrity of the house. The wall cracks which appears from the ceiling is a telltale sign of many foundation related problems. Such as structural damage, sinking, damaged foundation or building faults. But not cracks are not the reason to get worried, some cracks can be repaired or fixed using simple steps.

Here Are Some Information regarding wall cracks, read it to ensure the safety of your building or home.

Cracks Walls Repair
Cracks Walls Repair

How Wall Crack Is a Sign Of Structural issue?

If there is a thin hair-like crack on the ceiling or walls in your house, you shouldn’t worry about it, because it can happen due to various reason, such as seasonal expansion or contraction, you can fix it by applying paint or putty, the wall will become like new.

However, large cracks are a serious issue and need immediate attention, usually, the cracks which start to appear from the corner of a building, window or door are the reason of weak foundation.

Some Simple Things Which You Should Give Attention Too:

  • Check if the wall is sloping from one side or if the other side is higher than from another side.
  • Windows or doors require more force while opening and closing, also the frame is scraping along with the door.
  • Check if the size of crack is longer than 0.5 Cm and it look ominous.
Cracks Walls Repair Before and After
Cracks Walls Repair Before and After

How The Cracks Are Fixed.

When houses or buildings are built, the land is in good condition, the ground level is accurate and all the things line up perfectly.  Through some course of time, the ground under the house sinks, moves, shifts and comes to a different place from where it existed, which leads to jammed windows and doors.  Thus, the appropriate solution is to put things back together like once they were before, by levelling, supporting, lifting the foundation structure through underpinning it can be done. When you shift all the things back to their existing place all the gaps, cracks and problem will disappear and your building would gain its structural integrity. Pain the house when all cracks repair.

Using the traditional method of underpinning, the workload would increase, as the work includes a lot of excavation work and one need to invest a lot of time to completely do the underpinning.

Repair Cracked Walls
Repair Cracked Walls

The Benefit of Underpinning and Structure Levelling.

Any large cracks would be closed up and become completely disappear with minor patch-ups. Our expert professionals are good at structural damage repair, house foundation repair and house underpinning. Come to Five Star Reblocking & Underpinning for a complete solution for service related to underpinning Melbourne. Visit our website to get a free estimate of underpinning cost and get the underpinning done in no time.

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