What to Look for Before Buying an Old House

Old House on a New Foundation Brisbane

Looking for a new place to shift your abode? Planning to buy an old house? Do you know what all you need to check before finalizing your new heavenly abode? Finding a new place is never easy but when you have to do so, it is vital to check for a few things before you finalize the house. People usually check for locality, budget, rooms, bathrooms, balconies, and fancy fittings. But in most cases people often overlook the otherwise important things that should be given more importance than the superficial issues.

Buying a villa or a beautiful bungalow is a dream for many. Old residential properties have a charm of their own and you might love to make that spacious bungalow yours but in a hurry to make your dream come true don’t buy blind. Resist yourself from buying an old house just by looking at its aesthetic beauty. You might have the money to buy that old house but still before making the payment, you need to have a good look at the house.

Here we list down THREE important things that you must look before buying an old house. By keeping the following things in mind you can save yourself and your money from buying an improper, weak, and not-so-worthy house. These three factors are:

  1. The Foundations of the House

    Before buying an old house, it is imperative to know that the foundations of an old house will never be as good as that of a new house. There are more chances that the foundations of an old house would be cracked or would have developed erosion. Usually people check the room size, the bathrooms, and the ceilings. However, we advise our readers to check the foundations first because they are more important than anything else. You should have a keen eye to notice any signs of shifting floors, uneven floors, or cracks in the foundation. At times, most of the foundation repair issues could be resolved through restumping. Also, if you do not have any knowledge about this matter or if you are not confident about checking the foundations then it is best to hire a foundation specialist. A specialist is qualified to inspect the house and give you a detailed report to help you make an informed decision about buying the house!

  1. The Electric Wiring in the House

    Electric Wiring in the old house Melbourne
    Electric Wiring in the old house Melbourne
    Another crucial aspect of a house is its electric wiring. If you notice deeply, you will see that most of the old houses especially character villas and beautiful bungalows have age old electric wiring. Such kind of old wiring can cause unwanted fire hazards. So when you are looking for a new place to live you must check for the wiring. You should ask for the outdated electric wiring and circuits to be replaced before you take up the possession. Also, if you really like the property and do not want to let it go then you can hire professional electrician to do the job and invest a little more to protect your loved ones!
  1. The Plumbing

    Poor plumbing may lead to various unforeseen problems so if you find plumbing issues in any house then think twice before buying it. Over a period of time pipes tend to accumulate minerals. This kind of mineral build up can cause water leakages and even corrosion in the plumbing pipes. This can also affect flooring and interior walls of the house. These plumbing problems can even cause the water to stop while you take a shower. Are you ready for such a nightmare? If not, then check for plumbing related issues before buying an old house. And to make your life uninterrupted resolve any plumbing related problems beforehand.

    Plumbing in the old house Melbourne
    Plumbing in the old house Melbourne

    If you want any kind of foundation repair work done at an old house then we have the best of certified and licensed structural engineers. At Five Star Underpinning we provide affordable foundation repair solutions all across Melbourne. We can provide you detailed report for any house that you are eyeing on and inform you about any potential risk involved with the house. Call us to get a free quote for any such service!

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